The Garden

Just keeping working on yourself until you are radiating love for each of the beings in your life. When you are radiating love, then everybody else is free to give up their stuff when they’re ready to give it up. Like a skillful gardener, you create space for people to grow when they’re ready to grow. –Ram Das

Sometimes I even need to radiate love for the beings who are not in my life any longer. It is rare that I put someone out…out of my life, out of my circle of trust, out of my sphere of influence. But when I do it is usually because they’ve ceased being safe for me through their words, actions, and specifically their behavior towards me. In reading Ram Dass’ words in this chapter I am reminded to have a heart that is open to all beings…including those who may have been “dangerous” to me in the past.

Don’t get me wrong…I am aware of my need to self-protect.

I am also aware of my need to have a softer heart towards those who have harmed me. I am recognizing that for most of them their blows were not intentional but a reaction out of their addiction…out of their own fear…or out of their own need for safety. And those are things I can have an open and sympathetic heart towards.

Help me to create space for all who I interact with. Help me to be warm in season and out. Help me to be love. Help me to be open. Create freedom, security, and safety so real to me that I can return that favor to others.

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