Divine Womb

Jesus Moses Buddha Mohammed_ADIn a very real sense, according to Christian experience and symbolism, the Spirit is given with creation, indeed is the instrument or the power of creation. She is with us from the beginning, grounding, and correcting every living being…I can rest in her…. Utterly mysterious, totally unpredictable, filled and directed by love/compassion, she is the womb in whom I rest and from which I issue moment by moment. –Paul Knitter as quoted by Brian McLaren

This quote touched me.

The idea of resting in her…the Lady…the Holy Spirit.

My first 18 months in Seattle have been all about me trying to rest in my relationship with God and in my relationship with myself. And that has been all about the Holy Spirit and I in communion, meditation, and conversation.

She has been the womb in which I’ve rested. And the womb from which I’ve issued each day to face the world.


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