Blessed are the Curious…

150 faces stare at me from their seats in the crowded atrium. 1000 more are staring at me from behind computer screens across Europe and North America. Some are bored. Some are eager. Some are wondering who I am and where I’ve come from. Some just find the seats with their flimsy banker blue cushions […]

Love Letters Only

In time I would know that each ferry crossing was magical. But the very first time, my body, my mind, and my heart had no idea what was happening. As the sun shone on the waters of Puget Sound, I felt my shoulders lower from what had become their permanent spot up around my ears […]

Holy Moments

Recently I find myself experiencing holy moments. Little snippets of time that are quiet in the chaos. My life this summer has been filled with words, conversations, noise, and decisions. I chose this. I thrive in the middle of it. And it is often exhausting. In the middle of it all, finding Holy Moments is […]

Building a Fence…

Fences aren’t only intended to keep people out. They are meant to give the person on the inside a marker for the space that is entirely theirs to roam and oversee. The people on both sides of the fence should then be in positions to understand their own freedom and their own responsibility. I’m building […]