It doesn’t hurt to ask…

“Gather data. Gather data. Gather data. And when it feels personal, remember that it’s still data.” This is one of the most used pieces of advice I give to my team members, mentees, people who seek me about big decisions, etc. We absolutely get in our own way when it comes to asking for what […]

Tell Me More

Tell me more What’s going on? What’s keeping you up at night? Talk more about that Holding 1-on-1s with my team members is important to me. I try hard to keep a pretty open door and leave time in my calendar for last minute chats. For me this means being open to both regularly scheduled […]

See People, See Yourself, See the World

Last Friday, one of the ladies who does housekeeping at work nervously asked if she could have a picture with me. The guys in the kitchen with us watched confused as I said “Of course!” Two things struck me. The first was how excited she was to have our pictures taken. The second was the confused […]

Things Change…Teams Change

In my 19 months at this current job, the one thing that has remained constant is change. I’ve led 2 different domains and been the product leader for 6 others. I’ve lived in two different countries and I’ve taken on various initiatives and led some pretty big transitions. And all the time…change. But since April […]

Above the waters…

It’s quiet on the flight now. People have been fed, old men have dozed off, and the little kids are busy with iPads that are (thankfully) plugged into headphones. With the silence comes an abundance of time to think. It is perhaps the first time I’ve just sat and thought in quiet for some weeks […]

Stink, Stank, Stunk…The Art of Failing

Her: How did it go today? Me: The 3 words that best describe it are as follows: Stink, Stank, Stunk I hate to fail. Ironically I preach learning to fail all the damn time. Yesterday I blew it. And it hurt. It hurt because it was in a room filled with people I respect and […]

In Defense of the Amazon Leadership Principles…

Let’s get it all on the table…those of you who have known me (or read my stuff) for a while, know full well that there were some things about working at Amazon that made me batshit crazy. It was a hard, and often thankless, job. I cried in the bathroom a few times too many, […]

10 Days: Love Letter to My Team

Below is the goodbye letter I wrote the team at Providence Digital Innovation Group today. I’m sharing it here because I want the world (or at least my little audience) to know what they’ve meant to me. In the aftermath of Expedia, DIG did the healing work on my heart and confidence. If Klarna wasn’t […]

To My Team: On the Privilege of Leading You…

A little over a year ago, I became the technical owner of an acute Telehealth platform. I quickly understood the gravity of what I’d been given and the impact our technology could have on lives. It meant we had to be super diligent in how we thought about communication, scale, and the way the technology […]

Death of a Product…

Product Management is not a flashy job most of the time. A good Product Manager is always looking for the right thing to build for her customers. She is asking questions, doing research, trying to understand what is working and what is failing. She is eager to find the next right thing for her customers […]