Seattle: Come Rain or Come Shine–The Adventure Begins…

It’s raining in Seattle. I hear it does that from time to time. I’ve been in my new hometown for 3 days now. My dear friend Linda, the kits, and I arrived Thursday afternoon and have been enjoying the city ever since. The last week has felt a bit like a holiday. We took our […]

Seattle:Come Rain or Come Shine–Road Trip Day 1

Denver is in my rear view mirror. It was a very long 10+ months and I am glad to be onto a new adventure. With that said I know that it hasn’t hit me how much I’m going to miss my Denver friends. I got an email today from Mr. Zen that reminded me that […]

Finishing Well

I’m not a quitter. I believe in finishing things well. I also believe in leaving things in better condition than how you found them. I have been the boss who is left hanging by bad employees. I have been the lover who is left with things unexplained. I have been the friend who doesn’t know […]

Seattle: Come Rain or Come Shine–The Waiting (1.1)

A wise blonde rocker once said “The Waiting is the hardest part.” You were right Tom…you were right! Current Seattle preparation activities include: The Move Manager came over today and walked through my apartment to determine how many boxes to bring. On the phone he’d said “It’ll likely take me about 20 to 30 minutes.” […]

Seattle: Come Rain or Come Shine–Prep Work (Post 1.0)

I’m moving to Seattle.   This fact when stated aloud elicits reactions more so that any statement I’ve made in recent memory. I can summarize the reactions into three general categories: 1. Former Seattle-Dwellers–These folks have the most consistent reactions.  “I loved living in Seattle…you will love it.”  “Seattle is so quirky and fun…you are […]