After 580 days (but who’s counting), I finally traveled again. I could have gone anywhere…and by anywhere I mean the limited number of places that a German resident and American citizen can travel hassle free. There are a lot of places I’d like to see and any destination would be better than one more minute […]

Revenge Travel: Come Join Us!

Google the words “revenge travel” and you’ll quickly be convinced that travel is poised to make a post-pandemic come back. As we all contemplate getting out from behind our web meetings and back into the world, there are some real trends taking the spotlight such as multi-generational trips to get families back together who have […]

Love Letters Only

In time I would know that each ferry crossing was magical. But the very first time, my body, my mind, and my heart had no idea what was happening. As the sun shone on the waters of Puget Sound, I felt my shoulders lower from what had become their permanent spot up around my ears […]


Pride sometimes get a bad rap. Being prideful or too proud is generally frowned on in communication but I am full of pride and maybe a bit too proud for my own good for two reasons today. The first and biggest reason is that Tourlane raised $20M in Series C extension from our investors today. […]

The next destination…

Books. It always starts with books with me doesn’t it? But let’s face it, I’ve had a long love affair with books. I loved being read to by my sisters. I learned to read early because I wanted to read ALL the books. The library was the first place that opened my heart and mind […]

On the road with myself…

I spent yesterday in a nice sports car driving from Berlin to a tiny town in Poland. I had thought when I planned this trip that it was about 4 hour drive…but I was wrong. It is actually a little closer to 8 1/2. I am so deep into Poland that I am a couple […]

Above the waters…

It’s quiet on the flight now. People have been fed, old men have dozed off, and the little kids are busy with iPads that are (thankfully) plugged into headphones. With the silence comes an abundance of time to think. It is perhaps the first time I’ve just sat and thought in quiet for some weeks […]

Ghosts in Berlin

Some cities have ghosts. Berlin has ghosts. But…then…of course it does. More on that in a moment. I have this travel habit that I always try to honor when I got to a new place. If a city has a known history of trauma, I try to visit those sites or memorials. I have a […]

Sweden: My Story

Many people have asked me how I decided to move to Sweden. I’ve told this story quite a few times, but I wanted to share it here for those who are still curious. 🙂 I took my very first job in payments on September 10th, 2001. Most of my career since then has been spent […]