Leadership & Team Development

I specialize in helping companies use product mindset to achieve their people and culture goals. My services (1) help teams build cohesion and collaboration, (2) take high potential team members and grow them into leaders, and (3) help leadership teams design the best organization structures for their future.

Having developed my own Future Leaders Program, I can help you invest in your next group of high performing leaders with curriculum that can be adjusted to your industry or circumstances. Additionally, with the Working Genius model, I am able to help determine “skill & will” gaps in your team(s) so that you can train and hire for growth and acceleration.

My approach is built on a foundation of collaboration, communication, and innovation. I leverage 20+ years of experience in launching products, defining executable strategies, and building high functioning teams to provide guidance that are tailored to each client’s unique situation.

Contact me at leah@leahfarmercoaching.com or schedule a chat below…