Life & Change Coaching

What the hell is life coaching?

That’s an excellent question. For some, the words life coaching sound indulgent and luxurious. For others life coaching is the lifeline they need at the most urgent and transformational moments in their journey. 

Life coaching is a process of growth and discovery. I help you to identify and achieve goals that are important to you. My role is to provide guidance, support, and accountability, while you work to create positive change in your life. I tailor my coaching to your needs and personality, and focus on areas such as career, relationships, well-being, and personal development. 

I coach people through big changes in their life…BIG is defined by you. I have a lot of experience in saying “Yes!” to terrifying opportunities and in navigating the fear and doubt that come with making changes in life. 

My top priority is to help you gain clarity, confidence, and direction, while overcoming limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Ultimately, I’m here to empower you to live your best life and reach your full potential.

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