The 6 Types of Working Genius Assessment & Team Workshop – $3500

Use this amazing assessment and team map tool developed by Pat Lencioni and The Table Group to maximize your team’s productivity and fulfillment. More about the book and assessment can be found here.

As a Working Genius Facilitator, I can help you:

  • Maximize Productivity
  • Decrease Burnout
  • Have Better Meetings
  • Increase Innovation
  • More Effective Hiring

A Working Genius workshop is the perfect starting point for any team looking to leverage their personal and group genius to maximize productivity, clarity and joy. The workshop is designed to be highly interactive and fast-paced, and will provide you and your team with a set of actionable tools and a common language for future discussions.

Workshop includes (up to 8 team members)

  • Individual Assessment
  • 30 Minute Private Results Review for Each Team Member
  • Team Map
  • 4 Hour Interactive Workshop

Questions or Inquiries About Workshops for Larger Teams: