“Daring leaders say the unsaid, surface what has been pushed down, and bring to light the stuff that’s in the shadows and the corners.”

-Brené Brown

I bring 25 years of experience in building B2C and B2B products, fintech/payments, and organizational development to values-led companies looking for guidance and partnership.

I build bespoke offerings based on your company’s needs:

  • Strategy/Product/Fundraising 
    I help founders and the C-Suite align their Business and Product strategy with strong storytelling for raising money and/or galvanizing their team(s)
  • Coaching Packages 
    If businesses want to offer individual coaching to their teams, I sell packs of 25, 50 or 100 hours to be used by any team member
  • Leadership Development 
    A combination of group and individual coaching with specific leadership or craft topics. I have a baseline curriculum on values, communication, psychological safety and leadership styles, then work with the leadership team to craft and prioritize additional topics. I generally quote these based on the number of people and weeks for the program
  • Working Genius Facilitation 
    I use the Working Genius Assessment to do an individual review with each team member and then build a team map that helps teams capitalize on everyone’s genius and flow and minimize resentment and frustration. This is quoted based on size of team and the group goals
  • OKR Planning 
    I am a certified OKR trainer and can help companies who wish to implement this goal setting framework with training and tools