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The romance of Creator and creation is far more wondering and profound than anyone can ever capture in words. And yet we try, for how could we be silent in the presence of such beauty, glory, wonder, and mystery? How can we not celebrate this great gift–to be alive?

Ahhh the romance!

For far too many years of my young life I did not see the romance of the Creator but instead lived with dread and fear. What happens if I don’t do the right thing? What happens if I don’t make the right choices? What happens…what happens…what happens?

I spent so much of my time worrying about getting things JUST RIGHT and failing to celebrate the mystery and wonder of all that God has put in front of us. Hummingbirds don’t make sense. Neither do Octopi or Weeping Willows. That I don’t float off the ground because God forgets to keep gravity in place for a bit…wonderful! That fire warms. And breezes blow. And waves crash. All of it…glorious.

And what of this question: c2a0963b51ad2ac6c4f36b64f769a5b2


I’m going to LIVE!

I’m choose to be ALIVE!

Today. In this moment. Right here. Right now. ALIVE!

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