I’m Not Grumpy!

Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang

In a world that often encourages us to put on a happy face and always look on the bright side, Suzanne Lang’s “Grumpy Monkey” takes a refreshingly honest approach to the complexities of human emotions. This delightful picture book introduces us to Jim Panzee, a lovable monkey who wakes up one day feeling grumpy for no apparent reason. As we delve into the pages of this charming tale, we discover that it’s okay to embrace our inner grump and explore the valuable lessons it has to offer.

“Grumpy Monkey” reminds us that it’s perfectly normal to experience a range of emotions, including grumpiness. In a society that often places a premium on positivity, this book encourages us to embrace authenticity and acknowledge our feelings without judgment. Just like Jim, we can learn that it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. And also just like Jim, we can figure out who among our friends or resources could be an excellent person to lean on for support


  • What emotions do you try to stuff down, ignore or downplay because you don’t think they are acceptable?
  • What makes you judge some emotions (anger, fear, sadness) and not others (happiness, joy, delight)?
  • What would make it possible for you to just feel those emotions and let them be welcome?

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