Unlock your Leadership Potential with
Leadership Alchemy

Embark on a 12-Week Journey to Masterful Leadership

Join us in “Leadership Alchemy,” a transformative 12-week program designed to refine your leadership skills into the gold standard of influence and guidance. Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, engage in a magical process of transformation, turning foundational leadership qualities into profound abilities to lead with authenticity, adaptability, and strategic insight where each week you unlock new skills.


1 Foundations of Ethical Leadership

  • Ethical Decision-Making – Understanding the impact of decisions on stakeholders
  • Corporate Responsibility – Balancing profitability with social and environmental stewardship
  • Values Identification – Pinpointing and defining your core leadership values

2 Inclusive Leadership and Diversity

  • Unconscious Bias Recognition – Tools for identifying and mitigating biases.
  • Inclusivity Strategies – Practical steps for building inclusive teams and workplaces.
  • Diversity Metrics – Measuring diversity efforts and outcomes.

3 Leading Through Change

  • Adaptability Skills – Developing resilience to lead through volatility.
  • Change Models – Kotter’s 8-Step Process, ADKAR, and more.
  • Communication During Change – Keeping teams informed and engaged.

4 Communication Mastery – Storytelling and Authenticity

  • Narrative Leadership – Using storytelling to inspire and lead.
  • Authentic Engagement – Authenticity as a tool for connection and trust-building.
  • Adaptive Communication – Tailoring communication styles to different audiences.

5 Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

  • Negotiation Tactics – Techniques for achieving mutually beneficial results.
  • Mediation Skills – Facilitating discussions to resolve team conflicts.
  • Thomas-Kilmann Model – Understanding conflict styles and their applications.

6 Coaching and Mentoring Techniques

  • Coaching Models – GROW, OSCAR, and more.
  • Mentoring Methods – Best practices for developing mentee skills.
  • Feedback Dynamics –  Constructive approaches to feedback and growth.

7 Leadership Styles and Personal Branding

  • Leadership Typologies – Analyzing different leadership styles and their effects.
  • Leadership Brand Development – Crafting and conveying your leadership identity.
  • Visibility and Influence –  Building your brand internally and externally.

8 Psychological Safety and High-Performing Teams

  • Trust-Building Exercises –  Activities that strengthen team cohesion.
  • Psychological Safety Frameworks –  Creating an environment for innovation.
  • Team Dynamics Analysis –  Leveraging diverse strengths for team effectiveness.

9 The Art of Delegation and Strategic Leadership

  • Strategic Thinking – Developing long-term vision and foresight.
  • Delegation Techniques –  Empowering team members through effective task assignment.
  • Transitioning Roles –  Moving from operational to strategic leadership roles.

10 Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

  • Self-Awareness –  Recognizing personal triggers and managing responses.
  • Emotional Regulation –  Techniques for staying composed and making clear-headed decisions.
  • Mindfulness Practices – Incorporating mindfulness for better focus and presence.

11 Innovation Leadership

  • Fostering Creativity – Encouraging a culture that values innovation.
  • Digital Transformation – Leading organizations through technological change.
  • Innovation Metrics – Defining and tracking innovation success.

12 Visionary Execution and Succession Planning

  • Executing Strategy – Turning strategic plans into actionable steps.
  • Leadership Continuity – Preparing for future transitions and ensuring leadership readiness.
  • Talent Development Pipelines – Identifying and nurturing future leaders.

Flexible Learning Paths

Individual Program £1900

  • 60 Minute Introductory Session
  • 12 Week Program
    • Weekly Insights Video
    • Curated Resource List
    • 60 Minute Coaching Session
  • Offline Support via Slack/Whatsapp
  • 20% discount on future coaching

Cohort (4 to 6 members) Program £1200

  • 60 Minute Introductory Session
  • 12 Week Program
    • Weekly Insights Video
    • Curated Resource List
    • 90 Minute Group Coaching
  • 30 Minute Private Check Ins
  • Offline Support via Slack/WhatsApp

Corporate – Pricing Bespoke

  • 30 Minute Program Introduction Session with Leaders/Managers
  • 30 Minute Program Introduction Session with Participants
  • 30 Minute Individual Introductory Session
  • 12 Week Program
    • Weekly Video
    • Resource List
    • Weekly 90 Minute Group Coaching Session
  • Capstone Presentation with Prep Session
  • Six 60 Minute Individual Coaching Sessions during program
  • Offline Support via Slack or WhatsApp

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