Unlock your Leadership Potential with
Leadership Alchemy

Embark on a 12-Week Journey to Masterful Leadership

Apply to participate in “Leadership Alchemy,” a transformative 12-week program designed to refine your leadership skills into the gold standard of influence and guidance. Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, engage in a magical process of transformation, turning foundational leadership qualities into profound abilities to lead with authenticity, adaptability, and strategic insight where each week you unlock new skills.

Program Overview

Leadership Alchemy is crafted to leverage my extensive 25-year journey from an entry-level contributor to an executive in high-growth startups and scaleups. This program encapsulates practical insights from building zero-to-one products, forming high-performing teams, successful fundraising, and steering leaders through significant crises and change.

The approach is uniquely heart-centered, encouraging you to integrate your whole self into your leadership style. This not only positions you for ambitious and growth-oriented roles but also equips you to become a leader who inspires loyalty and enthusiasm, all while safeguarding against burnout.

The program design allows you to address your immediate leadership challenges and integrate real-time experiences into our sessions, ensuring that every lesson is relevant and immediately applicable. Additionally, you gain extended access to personalized guidance with daily Voxer voice coaching available Monday through Friday, providing support exactly when you need it.

Program Details

  • 60 Minute Introductory Session
  • 12 Week Program
    • Topical Insights Video
    • Curated Resource List by Topic
    • 60 Minute Coaching Session
  • Unlimited Monday Through Friday Voice Note Coaching
  • 15% Discount on Future Coaching Package


1 Foundations of Ethical Leadership

  • Ethical Decision-Making – Understanding the impact of decisions on stakeholders
  • Corporate Responsibility – Balancing profitability with social and environmental stewardship
  • Values Identification – Pinpointing and defining your core leadership values

2 Inclusive Leadership and Diversity

  • Unconscious Bias Recognition – Tools for identifying and mitigating biases.
  • Inclusivity Strategies – Practical steps for building inclusive teams and workplaces.
  • Diversity Metrics – Measuring diversity efforts and outcomes.

3 Leading Through Change

  • Adaptability Skills – Developing resilience to lead through volatility.
  • Change Models – Kotter’s 8-Step Process, ADKAR, and more.
  • Communication During Change – Keeping teams informed and engaged.

4 Communication Mastery – Storytelling and Authenticity

  • Narrative Leadership – Using storytelling to inspire and lead.
  • Authentic Engagement – Authenticity as a tool for connection and trust-building.
  • Adaptive Communication – Tailoring communication styles to different audiences.

5 Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

  • Negotiation Tactics – Techniques for achieving mutually beneficial results.
  • Mediation Skills – Facilitating discussions to resolve team conflicts.
  • Thomas-Kilmann Model – Understanding conflict styles and their applications.

6 Coaching and Mentoring Techniques

  • Coaching Models – GROW, OSCAR, and more.
  • Mentoring Methods – Best practices for developing mentee skills.
  • Feedback Dynamics –  Constructive approaches to feedback and growth.

7 Leadership Styles and Personal Branding

  • Leadership Typologies – Analyzing different leadership styles and their effects.
  • Leadership Brand Development – Crafting and conveying your leadership identity.
  • Visibility and Influence –  Building your brand internally and externally.

8 Psychological Safety and High-Performing Teams

  • Trust-Building Exercises –  Activities that strengthen team cohesion.
  • Psychological Safety Frameworks –  Creating an environment for innovation.
  • Team Dynamics Analysis –  Leveraging diverse strengths for team effectiveness.

9 The Art of Delegation and Strategic Leadership

  • Strategic Thinking – Developing long-term vision and foresight.
  • Delegation Techniques –  Empowering team members through effective task assignment.
  • Transitioning Roles –  Moving from operational to strategic leadership roles.

10 Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

  • Self-Awareness –  Recognizing personal triggers and managing responses.
  • Emotional Regulation –  Techniques for staying composed and making clear-headed decisions.
  • Mindfulness Practices – Incorporating mindfulness for better focus and presence.

11 Innovation Leadership

  • Fostering Creativity – Encouraging a culture that values innovation.
  • Digital Transformation – Leading organizations through technological change.
  • Innovation Metrics – Defining and tracking innovation success.

12 Visionary Execution and Succession Planning

  • Executing Strategy – Turning strategic plans into actionable steps.
  • Leadership Continuity – Preparing for future transitions and ensuring leadership readiness.
  • Talent Development Pipelines – Identifying and nurturing future leaders.