Programs and Workshops

Alchemy [al-kuh-mee] – Noun
A seemingly magical process of transforming or combining known elements into something new and more valuable.

The term “alchemy” evokes images of transformation, innovation, and the mysterious process of turning base metals into gold. In the programs and workshops offered below, the alchemical metaphor perfectly encapsulates using innovation and experimentation to create learning, growth, and eventual mastery of the topic at hand.

12 Week Product Management Program

Product Alchemy is a 12 week odyssey into the heart of Product Management, designed to entrust participants with the power to transform basic concepts into valuable market-ready products. Go on the journey with an experienced guide (20+ years), where ideas are turned into gold and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

You will be able to…
(1) transform vision into value
(2) cultivate mastery and lead innovation
(3) empower others through your product leadership.

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12 Week Leadership Development Program

Leadership Alchemy is a 12 week program designed to distill the essence of leadership into transformative actions and strategies. Like the Alchemists of old who sought to turn base metals into something of great value, learn to engage turn foundational leadership qualities into the gold standard of influence and growth.

You will be able to…
(1) identify and cultivate authentic leaders
(2) enhance your leadership competency
(3) refine your strategic leadership skills.

Bespoke programs can be developed for Businesses & Teams – Email Me