Transform Ideas Into Market-Ready Innovations with Product Alchemy

Embark on a 12-Week Journey to Mastery of Product Craft

“Product Alchemy” is a 12-week transformative program where the mystical art of alchemy meets the science of product management. This program is meticulously designed to turn aspiring and seasoned product managers into visionary leaders capable of transforming basic ideas into valuable, market-ready products.

Program Overview

Joining this program grants you access to over two decades of expertise in the dynamic field of product management, melded with contemporary insights and innovations from industry leaders. The program is crafted not only around a structured curriculum but also welcomes your real-world challenges and questions, making every lesson immediately applicable and deeply relevant to your professional life.

Additionally, the unique offering of voice coaching via Voxer ensures that you have direct access to personalized guidance five days a week, empowering you to seek support exactly when you need it throughout your journey with us.

Program Details

  • 60 Minute Introductory Session
  • 12 Week Program
    • Topical Weekly Insights Video
    • Curated Resource List by Topic
    • 60 Minute Coaching Session
  • Unlimited Monday Through Friday Voice Note Coaching
  • 15% Discount on Future Coaching Package


1 Establishing the Foundation

Week 1 – Introduction to Core Role and Responsibilities, including reading materials and videos. Focus on the essence of a Product Manager’s role, responsibilities, and the product development lifecycle.

Week 2 – Industry Relevance and Growing Demand for Product Leaders. Dive deeper into why product management is critical in today’s digital world, with a closer look at emerging trends and the importance of product leadership.

2 Customer-Centric Product Management

Week 3 – Customer Obsession and Understanding the Customer. Explore the concept of customer obsession, the difference between customers, users, and stakeholders, and why knowing your customer is key.

Week 4 – Problems & Opportunities, and User-Centered Design Principles. Shift focus from solutions to identifying and framing the real problems and opportunities through a user-centered design lens.

3 Business Acumen for Product Managers

Week 5 – Aligning Product Strategies with Organizational Goals and Market Analysis. Learn how to align product strategies with broader organizational goals and conduct effective market analysis.

Week 6 – Financial Literacy and Crafting Persuasive Business Cases. Enhance business acumen with financial literacy essentials and learn how to craft persuasive business cases.

4 Exploring Specializations within Product Management

Week 7 – Explore the diverse roles within product management, understanding the key responsibilities, and identifying personal strengths and interests aligned with specific roles.

5 Mastering Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Week 8 – Master the art of identifying and prioritizing stakeholders, enhancing communication skills for cross-functional collaboration, and building strong relationships.

6 Agile Product Planning and Execution

Week 9 – Crafting Comprehensive Product Roadmaps and Prioritization Techniques. Develop skills in creating product roadmaps and applying prioritization frameworks.

Week 10 – Agile and Scrum Best Practices and Release Planning. Dive into agile methodologies, best practices, and strategies for release planning and iterative development.

7 User Experience and Design Thinking

Week 11 – Cultivate a user-centric mindset through understanding UX principles and integrating design thinking into the product development process.

8 Synthesis and Advanced Topics

Week 12 – Metrics, Analytics, and Informed Decision-Making – Define and measure key performance indicators, and understand the role of data in product success. Cross-Functional Collaboration and Product Launch Strategies – Strengthen collaboration skills and learn strategies for successful product launches. Product Lifecycle Management and Leadership Development – Focus on managing products throughout their lifecycle, understanding industry trends, and fostering leadership skills.