I’m Not Grumpy!

Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang In a world that often encourages us to put on a happy face and always look on the bright side, Suzanne Lang’s “Grumpy Monkey” takes a refreshingly honest approach to the complexities of human emotions. This delightful picture book introduces us to Jim Panzee, a lovable monkey who wakes up […]

Gum in Your Hair and Other Bad Things…

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst Children are sent messages all day telling them to keep their emotions in check. Don’t cry too much. Don’t be too loud. Don’t be angry. Be happy. Stop being sad. Given that, why would we be surprised to find ourselves as adults […]

Wisdom in the Deep Dark Woods

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler Oh Readers…what’s not to love about a classic like The Gruffalo. This magical world created by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is one of the most beloved books of children for the past 25 years. (I think a few parents, teachers, and aunties can also admit to […]

Embrace the Dragon

The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water by Gemma Merino Happy New Year! As I considered what I wanted to offer to the world during 2024, I decided to take the advice of a dear friend and share my love of storytime and children’s books. This week we are reading, The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water” […]

Tarot & Life Coaching – Judgement

Life has meaning and value. The noisy world pulls at us and makes us forget about the deep call for each of us to remain committed to being our true selves. The Judgement card calls us to a place of self-reflection. How do my past choices, actions, and experiences impact my current situation? What shaped […]

Permission Slip – Remember

These past few years have rocked us. The pandemic, the war, the layoffs, the climate crisis, the rise of white nationalism, the cost of living… (BTW…Are the murder hornets still after us?) I see so many people with their heads down in fear, anxiety, and exhaustion who have forgotten themselves. They have forgotten that just […]

Good Fences – Managing Fence Jumpers

One thing you can be certain of on your journey to better boundary setting…fence jumpers! Some people in your life will decide (and it is a decision) that your boundaries are not real and are not meant for them. Many of these people do not have bad intentions, they are just not yet accustomed to […]

Permission Slip: Get Angry!

This permission slip will bother some of you. We’ve all been given the message that it’s not okay to get angry and that we have to keep that shit under control. And there are definitely people who should keep their anger in check…but those are typically people who have a history of getting angry and […]

Good Fences – Setting Boundaries

So it’s all fine a good to talk about boundaries in the abstract, but at last we have arrived at an action step…Setting Boundaries. As a reminder, setting boundaries is an essential part of maintaining healthy relationships and protecting your own mental health. Without boundaries, we will find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and resentful. Let’s […]