Permission Slip: Get Angry!

This permission slip will bother some of you. We’ve all been given the message that it’s not okay to get angry and that we have to keep that shit under control. And there are definitely people who should keep their anger in check…but those are typically people who have a history of getting angry and letting it fly…including with their hurtful words and mouths.

THIS is not THAT.

This is us admitting that anger is an emotion that is in our body whether we express it or not. So what will you do with it? How will you express it? Will you use your anger to create conversation, forward motion, and momentum? Or will you bottle it up and let it turn into rage deep inside of you?

Some tips for moving anger through…
1. Write it down
2. Talk about it…express it to someone you trust
3. Join a movement or protest…if your anger is tied to injustice
4. Reframe it…work with a therapist or coach to rework the anger into action

Sometimes you need to burn off anger with exercise or calm anger with deep breathing and meditation. These strategies help you move the anger to a calmer place, but they don’t put it in motion or allow for change. So don’t stop with quieting it!

GET ANGRY! Then do something about it!

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