Permission Slip – Remember

These past few years have rocked us. The pandemic, the war, the layoffs, the climate crisis, the rise of white nationalism, the cost of living… (BTW…Are the murder hornets still after us?)

I see so many people with their heads down in fear, anxiety, and exhaustion who have forgotten themselves. They have forgotten that just by virtue of being here on the earth in this moment, they are worthy of love, acceptance, and belonging. They have forgotten who they are and what they have to offer those around them.

And let’s be honest…this is what the narcissists and douchecanoes want. They want to feed on your insecurity and doubt. They want to keep you down and make you believe you can’t have anything if they don’t give it to you.

So…please consider this a permission slip to REMEMBER

REMEMBER who you are
REMEMBER where you come from
REMEMBER that you are loved
REMEMBER all you’ve learned
REMEMBER what you offer
REMEMBER joy and love and hope and desire
REMEMBER that you are not defined by anyone else

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