Wisdom in the Deep Dark Woods

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

Oh Readers…what’s not to love about a classic like The Gruffalo. This magical world created by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is one of the most beloved books of children for the past 25 years. (I think a few parents, teachers, and aunties can also admit to loving this one!)

As we traverse through the deep, dark woods with this cunning little mouse, we also discover that this tale isn’t just for the Littles–it holds values lesson and insights for adults as well.

Here’s what we know…
The mouse’s survival hinges on quick thinking and imaginative prowess. When faced with potential threats, the mouse doesn’t rely solely on physical strength. Instead, Mouse creates a fictional creature, the Gruffalo, to ward off adversaries. This clever tactic not only showcases the power of creativity but also suggests that sometimes, unconventional solutions can be our most potent weapons.

In our own lives, we often wrestle with our own Gruffalos—those challenges or fears that seem insurmountable. The mouse’s story prompts us to consider the courage required to confront our fears and uncertainties…specifically with the strength of character and an unwavering belief in our abilities.


  • Are you tapping into our imaginative reservoirs to find innovative solutions, or are you limiting yourself only to what is acceptable?
  • What Gruffalos do you need to confront in your lives, and how can you harness the mouse’s determination to emerge victorious in you own personal battles?
  • What help and resources do you need to fully trust yourself in the face of decisions and situations?

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