Tarot & Life Coaching – Judgement

Life has meaning and value. The noisy world pulls at us and makes us forget about the deep call for each of us to remain committed to being our true selves.

The Judgement card calls us to a place of self-reflection. How do my past choices, actions, and experiences impact my current situation? What shaped today’s version of me? With that self-reflection, can come both joy and regret. Both can be useful in helping us look towards the future. And both can require letting go.

As a coach, one of themes that runs through most of my conversations is change. Judgement helps us to reflect on transformation and rebirth. Sitting in these states of change can be difficult, but it is also where the real exploration takes place. Exploration into what is possible, how it could happen, and who we might be as a result.

So…take this moment to reflect, let go, embrace what’s coming, and allow transformation to happen.

*Judgement from the Golden Black Card Tarot pack by Helena de Almeida

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