Tarot & Life Coaching – Ace of Cups

Ahhhh…the Ace of Cups. New beginnings, opportunities to take care of ourselves, and new hope for deep connection. This is a juicy card for anyone who calls it into their life.

So many of us are using the constant sources of distraction and “connection” to stay numb to the emotions we are feeling…both positive and negative. Going deep into our feelings can leave us exposed, vulnerable, and uncertain…and yet we can miss real experiences if we aren’t will to open our heart to what is going on inside of us.

Will you stay numb? Or will you explore what is happening within you?

Will you risk walking through the hard emotions to get to meaningful connection…with yourself and others?

Will you follow your heart into the deeper spaces in order to gain access to your creative expression and authenticity?

The Ace of Cups is calling you to this work. Take a chance.

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