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Faith and Freedom

It is freeing to not have the responsibility of serving as arbiter of who has access to the richness of God’s love and goodness. Instead, we can recognize that all people live, move, and exist IN God. We all are called to live wholly with God regardless of where we are in any process of understanding. There is such freedom in not needing to fulfill any prerequisites to merit life with God.


First I read a blog by one of those Duggar daughters talking about how it was love for others that caused her to need to go on and on about sin on her Facebook page.

Then I read this.

I once was a young girl in my early 20’s so sure that I knew all the answers about how to live a Godly life and how to ensure that others did too. Or at least that they knew about God and had the option to make the “right” choice. I was so certain. And so arrogant. And so not able to see beyond my bubble. I don’t beat that version of myself up. She was doing the best with what she had.

As Miss Maya says “When you know better, you do better.”

But I am far more in the freedom camp now. In the “I don’t have to play the role of arbiter” place. And Lord am I thankful. I so enjoy loving people. Talking to people. Getting to know people. And doing so without the agenda of knowing their life story about their faith and trying to work out where they are on the “eternal destiny” scale is so much more rewarding. For me and for them. Loving people is so much more satisfying and good than thinking you must SAVE people.

There is a level of trust that I have in God. Let’s call it Faith. Faith that God can do the best for the people she loves. That God is able. That God is in charge. That God does not need me passing judgement on others. And that God…bless Her…knows each heart so well that she herself can work out the details for that blessed soul. And if that is through friendship with me or any other kind of faith-walker…so be it.

I trust God.

I relinquish the control I never really had.

I trust God.

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