Welcome to Vibe – Your Path to Renewal and Growth

Are you feeling burnt out or facing job loss? I’ve got you covered!

As your Coach, I understand the challenges that come with burnout and job loss, especially for the dynamic and fast-paced lives of Gen Z and Millennials. My exclusive 2-week coaching program is designed to help you reignite your passion and find your path forward, all for just £198.

What’s Included in Vibe?

1. 30-Minute “Get to Know Each Other” Chat
We kick off with a relaxed, 30-minute conversation to understand your needs, challenges, and goals. This session helps us tailor the coaching experience specifically for you.

2. Unlimited Voice Note Coaching for 2 Weeks
Our unique approach allows you to stay connected with your coach without the need for scheduled face-to-face sessions. Send voice notes anytime day or night, and receive timely, thoughtful responses from me via Voxer. This flexible method ensures you get support exactly when you need it, making it easy to fit into your busy life.

3. Personalized Written Summary
At the end of the two weeks, you’ll receive a comprehensive written summary that highlights key themes, progress, and actionable steps moving forward. This summary serves as a valuable resource for your continued growth and development.

Why Choose Vibe?

  • Low Face-Time, High Relationship: Our program is designed to fit seamlessly into your life, providing support without the need for constant video calls.
  • Affordable and Accessible: At £198, TikTok Vibe is a cost-effective solution for high-quality coaching, making it accessible to younger generations.
  • Tailored for You: Each interaction is personalized to address your specific needs, ensuring a meaningful and impactful experience.

Who Vibe For?

  • Gen Z and Millennials seeking direction and motivation.
  • Individuals experiencing burnout and in need of a fresh perspective.
  • Those facing job loss and looking for support to navigate their next steps.

How to Get Started

Ready to take the first step towards a brighter future? Apply Now! Spaces are limited!