Leadership Values

A few weeks ago I did a series on my Personal Core Values. I use the values of Grace, Joy, Agency, and Belonging to guide my decision make in life. My favorite Principal Engineer asked me if I also have values that I use in a professional setting that help guide me as a leader. […]

Innovators: Women Behind the Product

I am privileged to have opportunities to be included in groups of talented women who represent product and technology. This article celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 was no exception.

Panel Discussion: Extraordinary Women in Tech

Recently I was invited to join a panel discussion focusing on tech innovation in Berlin. I got to talk about what I see in the industry and also what is working (or not) for motivating teams during this pandemic. Enjoy!

Revenge Travel: Come Join Us!

Google the words “revenge travel” and you’ll quickly be convinced that travel is poised to make a post-pandemic come back. As we all contemplate getting out from behind our web meetings and back into the world, there are some real trends taking the spotlight such as multi-generational trips to get families back together who have […]


Pride sometimes get a bad rap. Being prideful or too proud is generally frowned on in communication but I am full of pride and maybe a bit too proud for my own good for two reasons today. The first and biggest reason is that Tourlane raised $20M in Series C extension from our investors today. […]

Why I am still a Product Manager…

Happy World Product Day 2020!  “What do you do for a living?” he asks.“I’m a product manager. My teams build <enter current products> for <enter type of customer>,” I reply.“Oh cool. My cousin is a Project Manager.”“Ummm..Product Manager.”“What?” he says confused.“PRODUCT. I’m a Product Manager. Not Project,” sounding slightly testier than I intend.“Oh…okay. Nice,” he […]

The next destination…

Books. It always starts with books with me doesn’t it? But let’s face it, I’ve had a long love affair with books. I loved being read to by my sisters. I learned to read early because I wanted to read ALL the books. The library was the first place that opened my heart and mind […]