2018: Wonder

My intention for 2018 is to be filled with WONDER…


I will look in Wonder at everything around me…from the mundane fact of how much my cats trust me to feed them everyday to the beauty of seeing countries with my own eyes that I’ve only previously read about in books.

I will Wonder at how humans behave…both when their actions make me laugh with joy and when they act childishly in the face of hard choices. This Wonder will help me to be kinder to each person on their journey, while still making room to help them Wonder at the proper way to do a thing by showing them (haha!).

Wonder will be the rule for 2018 rather than the exception. I will be curious about more things and be willing to be amazed. All around me I will enjoy things that are beautiful, remarkable, unfamiliar, unexpected, and marvelous.

Happy New Year 2018! Hope that you Wonder at so much as you go through this year!

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