6 days…The Good Years

In therapy this week I said to Ali, “When I look back over my life, these 5 1/2 years in Seattle will be counted among the good years.”


Has these years been simple or easy? No.

Have I struggled? Oh hell yes!

But when I think about the co-creation done here with the Divine, in the Emerald City, I can say without hesitation that  it was good. I believe God also looks upon this time in my life and says “It is good.”

The question then is…what is the definition of good?

These have been good years because I’ve seen tremendous growth. I’ve accepted my power and my magic. I’ve chased my own curiosity. I’ve said “yes” more than I’ve said “no.” In the struggles I have been met with friendship and sisterhood. I have asked for help and received it. I have learned what it means to practice self-care. I have accepted, without shame, that I am courageous and influential. My fear, while still there, is no longer the driving force. I do not operate from a place of desperation. Instead, I can trust my gut because I know I can trust myself.

All my life, I wanted 3 things…to be lovely, to be lovable, and to be loved. In this place, at this season, with this crew…I am all three. And I see it, and it is GOOD!


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