Wisdom on a Saturday in Seattle

Below you will find the notes I took yesterday during Dr. Wayne Dyers morning session and the afternoon Q&A. So much more was said but these were the moments that I furiously transcribed in order to remember them. Each one means something to me and over the coming days and weeks I will try to write more as I process what Dr. Dyer and Mr. Lipton shared. My reflections of grattitude yesterday speak to this experience as well. You can see those here: http://hippychristiangirl.com/gratitude-journal But for today…enjoy these tidbits of goodness with my blessing and encouragement. 



  • Divine love is not knowing God…it is the merging of yourself with God.
  • Jesus Chris, in his brief life on earth, was able to affect the lives and thoughts of innumerable people through the ages. If we could find one person to live with Christ consciousness and be consistent in that living, their effect on the world could re-calibrate at least 2/3rds of all of the other beings living at low levels of consciousness and infecting our globe with their negativity and harmful behaviors.
  • My friend Deepak Chopra says “What others think of you is really none of your business.” (LAF Note: My notes say “WHOA!” next to this and that is exactly how I still feel when I read this or think of it. What they think is none of my business and I must stop acting like it is or never get to Divine Love. This is particularly striking…or should be…for all of us following this election season and trying to transition into the holy days that come at the end of each year.)
  • The main question you must ask yourself, daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you are faced with a trial is: WHO AM I?
    –I am not my body. If I were my body, when my body was sick, failing, or dead then I would cease to exist.
    –I am not my things. If I were my things, then when my things were burned, lost, or stolen, then I would cease to be me.
    –I am not my job. If I were my job, then when I lose my job or fail to do it well, I would no longer be.
    –I am not my relationships. If I were my relationships…If I were a father/mother, husband/wife, sister/brother, child/sibling…then when I ceased to have those relationships, or if those relationships failed by my actions or the actions of another, then I would no longer be myself and a void would exist where once I had been.
    –I am in the place where God is. I am the witness to my body, my things, my job, my relationships. In order to answer the question of “WHO AM I?” I must begin to cultivate that witness. I must begin to turn my attention to the me who is watching everything else. I must become the observer who watches the go. (LAF Note: My notes say “Must live like this! M.U.S.T. J)
  • We raise our children…we ourselves were raised…to believe we are ordinary and to believe the Divine is external. Then God comes to dwell in you and you are troubled…made anxious… by the Spirit’s desire for space, expansion, and acts of service. And we are shocked to find that we are extraordinary and have something to offer that is ours alone to give.
    It is this extraordinary essence that allows us to face the circumstances beyond our control. These circumstances challenge us to change ourselves.
    Nelson Mandela has said “The first step to peace is to be very honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society, if you have not first changed yourself.”
    This essential YOU-ness is what you must follow. You must ask yourself…”Will I listen to my excitement and follow it? Will I be that courageous? Will I go where it takes me…no matter where that might be?” If you will, you will be changed. The question is…do you want to be changed?
    Do you want to be extraordinary? Descartes said (paraphrase) that if you would be different, you must be willing to rid yourself of all the opinions and teachings of others and rebuild from the ground up…a new foundation.

The next few were in answer to questions from audience members:

  • We are so hung up on trying to name God. In doing so we often push those who don’t identify with the name we choose to the outside (LAF Note: My notes say “Fringe-dweller…so familiar!”)…make them separate…different…not the same…unwelcome.
    When we try to name God we might as well try to carve up the number zero into pieces and give each piece a name. Try it! Zero divided in two…still zero. Zero multiplied by eight…still zero. God divided by seven…still God. God multiplied by 11…still God
  • 3 kinds of love: (1) Human love-changes and varies (2) Spiritual love-never changes but varies (3) Divine love-never changes never varies
  • The great poet Rumi said “Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment.” We must stop trying so hard to be more than, better than, more clever than another. Instead we should look around us and be amazed, bewildered, stunned into awe at ourselves, our environment, and those around us.

What follows is how Dr. Dyer closed the entire day:

  • Herman Melville in his great novel Moby Dick said “For as this appalling ocean surrounds the verdant land, so in the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti, full of peace and joy, but encompassed by all the horrors of the half-lived life.” The goal of all that has happened today and all of my work these past years is that none who I encounter would ever leave this plane of existence having a “half-lived life”. Capture the grace that is amazing (LAF Note: We’d listened to Dr. Dyer’s favorite rendition of Amazing Grace), follow your excitement, and live fully. That is all that I can ask and that is enough.

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  1. So, so excellent! Thank you for sharing your notes. How simple are these statements but so powerful I could puke. Puke is good – it’s cleansing 🙂 Follow your excitement…

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