An Ode to Sue Monk Kidd–A Review of “The Invention of Wings”

**WARNING: I am about to GUSH!**

The Invention of Wings Sue Monk Kidd
I just finished the last line of “The Invention of Wings” and I could honestly just start reading it all over again.

I won’t be able to give up my copy but I would buy another for a friend…and probably will.

Sue Monk Kidd…again and again…she comes into moments in my life and speaks over them. And yet she doesn’t know me. What she knows is the heart of being a woman. A woman with a voice. A woman who has been quieted. A woman who has made noise.

I wept with love as the characters in The Secret Life of Bees had “church” before the Black Madonna. I hungered for the love of that circleBWAttachment1482824-4 of friends that met in August Boatwright’s home. And within 6 months I had such a circle…two as a matter of fact…in my very own home.

My life was unmoored and rocked and changed forever when I read “Dance of the Dissident Daughter” (a book I will buy anyone who needs unmooring. Powell’s always has extra used copies!). In the hardest moments of my first winter after leaving Albuquerque for Denver, I picked up a copy of “The Dance…” and read it through photo-8 tears…three times back to back. I felt released from the prison   of my own certainty that I alone would always dwell in the in-between of Christianity and the Divine Feminine. SURPRISE! Not alone!

And this new book “The Invention of Wings” …over the course of the last 4 days has cemented what I knew. I am meant to make meaning from the meaningless. Worth from the worthless. Calling from the silence. Freedom where there is a captive.

Lord have mercy…my heart is full.

Thank you again Sue Monk Kidd. With much gratitude I lay the offering of one author’s hopes at the feet of a mother-author and pray for blessings on each of us and all the women and men who are blessed to be a blessing…in whatever capacity your words inspire.


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