church verses Church (originally from a different blog)

This is a tough blog to write. Not because I’m about to be very honest. Being honest is practically my personal calling card. Nope…that’s not the reason. The reason it’s tough to write is because a lot of my friends are Christians. And in my opinion there is no group tougher to be vulnerable and […]

Skittles: Keeping Leah Sane Since Childhood

Fact #1–In July of 2009 the makers of Skittles changed the ingredients (shellac, gellatin, & the dye used for the red skittles) so that they are now a vegan food. Fact #2–It is a little known fact that I use Skittles to deal with stress. It’s not what you think. I don’t just inhale a […]

My Peace…Your Chains (Originally from a different blog)

I heard Mr. Lee give a lesson this morning (2nd in a series) about how he personally came to the decision that the Bible supports that women have more freedom of ministry in Christ than has been traditionally allowed in the church. To be clear he has stated several times that this was his interpretation […]