Permission Slip: Dream Big

There is a theme to the conversations I’ve been having with other leaders lately…and it sounds like this: My team lacks a sense of urgency. It’s like they are afraid to try things and want everything to be perfect before they make a move. Doubt has snuck into our innovation spaces. Fear has taken a […]

Stuck? Try again!

As a coach, clients often talk about where the are stuck. It’s easy for each of us (me included) to become fixated on what we can’t do rather than using our imagination to think big. The reality is that when we focus on our limitations, we become blind to our potential and our ability to […]

Wednesday Watchlist – Podcast

We Can Do Hard Things – Episode 215 This is not a podcast I listen to diligently. I do admire Glennon and Abby is my favorite football player of all time…but I’m just not very steady about any podcasts. That being said, when I saw that the poet Andrea Gibson was going to be on […]

Summertime Leadership

In the winter of 2017, I moved to Sweden to work for a Swedish company. Every expat experiences culture shock, but my most eye opening moments would come in the summer of 2018 as the team around me began to disappear into what is simply called “Swedish Summer.” As an overworked American, I had never […]

This Week – June 8th is World Oceans Day

I am a water baby. One of my earliest memories is sitting on the beach in Honduras and letting waves crash over my chubby toddler legs. Even when the tide was strong and I’d get toppled, I’d come up sputtering with salt water in my nose, but I did not want to move from that […]


Let’s talk about that moment you look up and realize you might be about halfway through your career. The questions come hard and fast in the days and weeks that follow. For me the questions are tied very tightly to how I am living into my core values and leadership philosophy. I am grateful for […]

Google: A Very Short Story

It’s a pretty short story…96 days short.  Last fall when I turned down two CPO roles at London startups and said yes to Google, I knew it was risky. Risky to go back to big tech, have a smaller remit, and build at a slower pace. But the promise of massive scale and solving a […]

Friday Permission Slip: Start Over

Many of us take stock of our week on Fridays. And if your corporate calendar looks like mine has at times, you can wonder what the hell even got accomplished.So often we tend to shrug and plan to start over on Monday. But what if…– you gave yourself permission to start over right now?– you […]

3+ Months in London

I’ll start with this…I love London! Since I’d been a tourist in London several times, I had an idea of what to expect. From an international environment to an extensive transit system…I knew I’d be able to make my way around. A few things have been pleasant surprises that have made the transition lovely. Ultimately […]