Are we getting meaner?

This week I’ve been really focused on gratitude and it has been a huge blessing. Unfortunately a side affect of laser focus on love is that unkindness gets amplified when you hear it, see it, etc. It has left me wondering…Are we getting meaner?

  • After getting some encouragement on FB, a friend lashed out a another friend with some demeaning and misogynistic words that were hurtful to more than just the recipient.
  • The comments I’m hearing on the story of the 3 year old who has been denied entrance to a Christian school in NM is hurtful…particularly because the comments are from people who claim to love Jesus
  • I overheard a co-worker telling another coworker that a third person’s idea was “stupid” and I looked around to make sure that the 3rd person wasn’t anywhere that she could hear and be crushed.
  • I was asked yesterday “How long do you think you can keep up this gratitude stuff? You are bound to crash eventually.” Uh…thanks!?
  • The words of hate that people use to speak about our president or his opponent are so rough that my ears find it shocking.
  • I was reading a blog today and one commenter told another that he hoped her mom got cancer. He didn’t like her comment…OBVIOUSLY. But was that sort of completely unrelated meanness necessary? Uh..No…it wasn’t!

I firmly believe that we should speak the truth and do it with as few words as possible and as soon as the pertinent situation allows. However, I also believe that we need to remember that there are PEOPLE on the other side of the honesty who can get hurt. We need to speak the truth with love, kindness, and grace.

I’ve been guilty of meanness over the years. I have a quick whit and an even faster tongue. And what can seem funny or “honest” can easily become pure meanness. I’m not perfect but I’m learning to slow down and think…and then speak.

How about instead of talking about how you’d have blown the shooter in Aurora’s brains out, that you find something else to do with your time that benefits those who are hurting or in need of compassion? And how about instead of sniping back at someone, you speak some truth in love…and if you can’t…walk away? How about mind your own business instead of having to weigh in when you don’t have anything nice to say? (Oooo…I like that one the most!) 😉

Practice some gratitude…let meanness leave you…and BE THE CHANGE!

Be Blessed my Friends!

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