Asking for Help…

My annual review earlier this year consisted of 3 sentences:

* You need to be willing to ask for help more often
* You need to work to have a more consistently positive attitude
* You are doing a remarkable job leading the team through adversity

While not my most helpful review ever, it was super accurate. And that first line has never felt more true than in these last few days.

I needed help getting two cats to and from the airport and into a plane. I needed help navigating the damn grocery store yesterday during checkout. I needed help explaining where I wanted to go to the Uber driver given I have no sense of city layout yet in Stockholm. I needed help getting the wifi password so that I could stop incurring data charges on my phone.

So it has finally occurred to me…one of the greatest lessons I will be learning while living in a different country is going to be having to ask for help!

I know I will need help understanding how to get places and how certain things work. I will need help navigating the public transportation system. I will need help figuring out ingredients in groceries given the fact that I am a non-meat eater in a country where I don’t even know the word for meat (kött).

Blessedly I am also in the personal space to learn this lesson and then find how to apply it to my life in general. 🙂




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