Luck Follows the Brave

Years ago I had a job that I loved deeply working for a CEO that often took chances on people in whom he saw great potential. I’m was one of those people and so was Aida Šibić.

What I remember about working with her was her perpetual smile, quit whit, and keen mind. She knew her stuff and cared about our customers.

It has been my pleasure to learn so much about her life through her brilliant memoir. Her story of Bosnia at war and life as a refugee reminds us of the impact of genocide and religious persecution has across lifetimes. Her story of abuse and the ability to fight for her own dignity and the lives of her children is a reminder of what many women endure and overcome. And her story of grief after family loss through suicide reminds us all to ask for help and be a help.

Thanks you Aida for sharing your story. For your courage. For your faith. And for your joy. Your brilliant mother is looking over you with great pride. ❤️

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