Magic Words and How to Use Them

The author shares her take on The Law of Attraction and some of the pitfalls of using old formulas to create the life you want. Her ideas around manifestation, telling a positive story (rather than focusing on the negative), and ceasing all complaining are good. Those things alone can help us lead happier and calmer lives for sure.

I think the struggle I had along the way is the idea of turning away from bad things in the world and around you. This stinks of white privilege…as in “The world is bad our there, but since it can’t touch us why would we pay any attention to it.”

I do believe that having a positive attitude, assuming good intent, and minimizing complaining to things you can do something about is super important. I also think that living this way can manifest things in your life because you see opportunities better and others are willing to give you opportunities. I’ve seen this work in my life a lot. But I reject the notion that if something can’t touch me (because of my privilege or position), then it isn’t mine to worry about.

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