The Body is Not an Apology

As women, we are forever in the hands of the media telling us that it would be wrong to be happy with our bodies as they are. We can look in the mirror and feel good about what we see, and seconds later the images and voices around us give us the indication that it is irresponsible and foolish to feel this way. Why? Why is this okay?

Terrorism is defined as “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.”

It takes no more than a brief review of the historic and present-day examples of media manipulation and legislative oppression to acknowledge that we are indeed being coerced into body shame for both economic and political reasons.

In her book, Taylor examines what it takes to stop apologizing for taking up space, existing, and having the body you have. She asks us to consider adopting a position of radical self love. One that doesn’t allow us to berate and humiliate our bodies for the consumption of others. Instead, what would it take for us to love ourselves…bodies included…in such a way that the world has to change to fit us instead of the other way around.

The most powerful antidote to a world of body terrorism is a world of compassion. Giving yourself the gift of grace is an act of revolution!

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