Following Your Creativity, Honoring Your Vision

When I relaunched my blog, one of my goal was to use this platform as a way to elevate the voices of the creative and beautiful people in my life. So without further delay…please enjoy this fun and important conversation with my friend, author, singer, and spiritual sister Nicole Walters. Nicole has authored a new […]

The Nap (short fiction)

Where are you? The words ring through the house but I don’t move. It’s warm where I am resting and probably the words aren’t for me anyway.  Don’t make me look for you. The words continue but there is no anger in them. Just gentle searching. My eyes blink open lazily. The sun hasn’t shone […]

Blessed are the Curious…

150 faces stare at me from their seats in the crowded atrium. 1000 more are staring at me from behind computer screens across Europe and North America. Some are bored. Some are eager. Some are wondering who I am and where I’ve come from. Some just find the seats with their flimsy banker blue cushions […]


Breathe Each year as I move from the Christmas holidays into the New Year, I try to settle on a single word as my theme for the year. I have focused on Joy. I have been Enough. I have followed by Heart. But this year, I couldn’t find the one word. So I waited. I’m […]

Holy Moments

Recently I find myself experiencing holy moments. Little snippets of time that are quiet in the chaos. My life this summer has been filled with words, conversations, noise, and decisions. I chose this. I thrive in the middle of it. And it is often exhausting. In the middle of it all, finding Holy Moments is […]


where are the words the ones that move forward the ones that set free where are the words where are the words the ones that bring healing the ones that are filled with love where are the words do they come in secret? do they rise and set with the sun? are they forgotten upon […]