Holy Moments

Recently I find myself experiencing holy moments. Little snippets of time that are quiet in the chaos.

My life this summer has been filled with words, conversations, noise, and decisions. I chose this. I thrive in the middle of it. And it is often exhausting. In the middle of it all, finding Holy Moments is key.

Last week I jumped in an Uber to head across town to speak at new employee orientation. My morning had been full of talking and I knew my afternoon and evening would be too. The driver was very polite and made sure I was comfortable asking about the temperature, the music, etc. We made a tiny amount of small talk, and then it was silent as we made out way to Mitte.

I sat with my head rested on the back of the seat, eyes closed, just catching my breath between events. And at one point, I opened my eyes and he smiled at me in the review mirror. A smile that said “I see that you are tired. It’s okay to rest.” So I smiled back, with a nearly silent chuckle, and closed my eyes again.

He saw me. I saw him. And nothing needed to be said. It was a moment of great care and being still.

The universe will show up to give you sacred moments. Alone. With someone. But sacred nonetheless. Enjoy them. Thrive in them. Reflect them back to others when given the chance.

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