Things Change…Teams Change

In my 19 months at this current job, the one thing that has remained constant is change. I’ve led 2 different domains and been the product leader for 6 others. I’ve lived in two different countries and I’ve taken on various initiatives and led some pretty big transitions. And all the time…change.

But since April 1st of 2018, I have been leading a group of 12 teams. Today begins the reshuffle of some of my teams under new leadership and a few new teams under mine. I’m still a leader and I’m still leading in roughly the same space. And over half of my teams were already in my area of the business.

But…things do still change.

I tell my teams…preach really…that each person that leaves and each person that joins, changes the team. It’s a new team each time because every single person has that ability to impact the whole. So today as we reshuffle our teams, even while we try to minimize the impact, it is different. A new team. A new dynamic. A new creation.

So let me say…to my old teams: Thank you. Thank you for trusting me to lead you even when you were sure I didn’t know what the hell I was doing (I did). And thank you for following me when I was seemingly too tough on you or my expectations were too high (They weren’t). You have been my pleasure to build, grow, and establish and I couldn’t be prouder of you (seriously…I couldn’t).

Specifically to my 3 auth guys…You’ve been with me since my first day at Klarna and I’m so proud of what the 3 of you have built. I hope I’ve been a little bit of help…I certainly tried to stay out of your way except to remove roadblocks. You’ve done well fellas. Keep it up!

And to my new teams: We are back in the forming phase. We will figure each other out. We will like some of what we see and we will annoy one another. There will be questions that I can’t answer and hard problems to solve. But I also hope there will be FUN. Lots of fun. Come on…we’re going to regroup and build some cool shit.

Seasons Change.
Things Change.
Teams Change.

But one thing is always true…if you are on my team, I’ll be here. Standing with you. Sometimes behind you so you can get all the glory. Sometimes in front of you, just in case bullets fly. But mostly with you.

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