Delegating Kindness…

I cannot delegate kindness.

I will not abdicate compassion.

I shall never abandon my responsibility to humanity.

I look around the world and wonder why some people think that the above rules do no apply to them. I am stunned at the people who stand at the edges and behave as though the rest of us are their own personal sitcom or telenovela. I am astounded by the insincerity that so many can put on display for small moments and yet not live a single day showing any deep interest in the lives and pains of others around them.

And still…I would take my astonishment over all of this every single day. I would never trade my surprise for what it must take to create a heart unable to engage, feel, and be deeply troubled by the storms of life that so many people are going through around us. I would rather drop my head in my hands and cry over the people who my life impacts that have been hurt, are being hurt, or will be hurt, than be a person for whom dropping their head in hands never occurs. I will take 300 days of human engagements, hard conversations, listening, and tears if it means 65 days where everyone feels heard, healthy, and valued.

Maybe my balance is off too. But I choose humanity. I will not delegate kindness. I will show up, stand up, hug, cry, and celebrate with the beating hearts and beautiful spirits who cross my path each and every day.

In choosing love, I choose pain too. In all it’s beautiful, messy, brilliant, and terrible forms.

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