Every now and then…

Every now and then I ask The Universe for exactly what I want.

I light the candle.

I close my eyes.

I hope. I dream. I decide.

This time as I set my intention, I know that I want one thing.

What is that one thing you ask?

I want to be seen.

Because in being seen, there is intrinsic value, acknowledgment, respect, and a sense of wellbeing that comes with knowing you are made whole by the fact that the lens through which you have learned to view yourself has been made crystal clear to some other set or sets of eyes.

So I ask to be seen. For what I have done. For what I can do. For how I am able, without shame, to admit my faults. For my abilities and my failures. For the mind I have. For the laughter I bring. For the way I lead with kindness. For how I set the pace and the bar. For the friendship that is mine alone to extend. For what I have to offer.

I ask to be seen in a way that does not require anything on my part that resembles begging, acquiescing, submitting, or hustling.

To be seen in the same way that I see the opportunity before me…in all it’s bright, shiny, beautiful, ancient, and yet new ways…with it’s meaning and delicious fun to be had in the building and being built.

To see and be seen…this will make my decision easy. This will make “yes” inevitable.

See me, so I can say “Yes.”

Because…every now and then I ask for what I want because what I want is right and good.

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