I got on an elevator this morning…I glanced around trying to find someone to smile at. Instead 5 heads where staring at their smart phones. images

I went to a meeting today where I presented the status of a major project since the last time we met…I looked up and 4 out of 5 people had their heads buried in their laptops. The only person making eye contact was the other person who could have given the status because she’s been working with me on this the entire time.

I went to a happy hour tonight…and I sent a text to the lady across the table about one of the women who was being obnoxious. Moments later I conveyed the exact same message without words with my eyes to another one of the ladies.

A couple weeks ago I went on a date…and the guy answered a text every couple of minutes during our conversation.


I’m big into eye contact. I believe part of the reason why we can sit back and criticize Miley Cyrus and Beyonce and Ben Affleck and <insert whoever is your favorite annoying celebrity of the moment> is that we spend too many damn moments of our lives connected.

I am just as much to blame. I’m connected ALL DAY. It has taken me many years to get out of bed and head straight to work out and/or meditate without first checking my email and other social media. I have answered work email at 3 AM from hotels. I admit that when I wake up in the middle of the night I often reach for my phone. I get annoyed when the WiFi isn’t free or when I can’t get a signal.

But can I get an AMEN that for the 22 seconds I am on the elevator with you, at least look up for a second and look me in the eye.

I get a lot of comments (and some flack) for not having a poker face. For having a face that shows every emotion and thought that crosses my pretty little head.

But guess what…people miss a LOT of what happens on my face because they are NEVER looking at the other people in the room, at the table, in the elevator, on the bus, etc.

I think I get complimented on how friendly I am simply because I look people in the eye, smile, and acknowledge that they are a living, breathing, humanoid.



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  1. i love that last cartoon, funny! I hear you on this one. It is sad how isolated folks on campus are, how it seems that what they are doing is hiding when looking at phones instead of actually connecting with another present human person.

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