Finishing Well

I’m not a quitter.

I believe in finishing things well. I also believe in leaving things in better condition than how you found them.

I have been the boss who is left hanging by bad employees. I have been the lover who is left with things unexplained. I have been the friend who doesn’t know what happened in the relationship when the friend stops calling or coming around.

Over the last 2+ years I have (am?) learned the hard way that just because I do all you can to finish well, I cannot control what others do. Today this lesson has hit me hard and deep…

• I cannot control what other people say about me

• I cannot control if others, even those I respect, have a very cold reaction to my decisions

• There is nothing I can do to change the fact that human nature is to blame the person who isn’t around…even if she had no say in the decision or even tried to get a different decision made

• I cannot doubt myself simply because others do. Their beliefs about my intentions are not and should not be as important as my own

• I will not regret my choices simply because there are those who can’t grasp or fathom them. They are after all, not in my head and not responsible for my next steps

• Those who do not have my work ethic or my integrity will not be allowed to cast aspersions on my character in my presence. I will defend my own honor and in so doing point out that while they may be ungrateful sloths…I am not

What I can do is give my best effort to everything before me and let my integrity speak for itself. I can smile with kindness at those who don’t understand or who are hurt by my choices. I will offer peace and grace with my words and actions. And in the end I will walk with my head held high into the next season of my life…carrying with me all the good, taking with me important lessons learned, & leaving all the rest behind in silent submission to the inevitable…change.

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