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Update 01/11/14-McGuinness has a new home! YAY!
Sweet Portia kitty needs a place to stay still if you are interested! 🙂


**Guest post from some furry friends of mine**

Hi my name is McGuinness and my sister Portia and I are in a bit of a pickle.

We’ve lived with our human, Shirley, for quite a while but sadly she is ill and will be moving to a retirement facility and we can’t go with her.  While we are dealing with our sadness as well as we can, Portia and I are in need of some help to find a new human or humans to share our retirement with in New Mexico.

I won’t yank your leash…we aren’t as young as we used to be. But our age doesn’t hinder us from looking cute, being happy to see you (or interested indifference in Portia’s case…she is after all a cat), and offering you unconditional love, acceptance, and comfort. We don’t have to go to the same home but we are open to staying together if that works for you.

Please call our friends Dave (505-385-7522) or Linda (505-307-9641) if you are interested. Portia and I would take the calls but we don’t have thumbs…or phones for that matter.


unnamed (1)I’m an Old English Sheep dog who is about 10 years old. I have a reputation as a decent old guy. I prefer to live with adults because that is how I’ve spent my days but am friendly to all, including children, once I’ve gotten to know them. I’m really well behaved indoors but love to get outside to do my business. In case my pictures don’t show it, I need professional grooming from time to time or I get a little heavy on the shaggy part of my Shaggy DA persona. I don’t yet have a hairdresser…umm, I mean groomer that I love in NM but I’m open to meeting new people. You can read more about my breed at


Like my name, which means “an offering”, I would like to offer you my company and listening ears. I am a 10 year old cat with lovely ears and mid-length fur. Once we know each other I’d be happy to sit in your lap while you read or watch television. I have a bit of a hyperthyroid problem and take medicine but don’t worry, I’m not one of those finicky felines who won’t take pills. I love to take my medicine because I know it makes me feel better. My friends will provide a full month supply of my meds when I move in with you. Also you should know…I’m a good eater and not afraid to chat you up to get what I need. But heck…a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

**Special thanks to Leah for letting us write this little post on her blog! High five to Malcolm and Rose on finding a great human.**

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