All these things…

**Thank you for the inspiration behind this Nicole**

I am…

funny and witty and a fast draw with a comeback

kind and tender hearted to the marginalized and those I love

fierce when it comes to those who hurt my family and friends…and should you be brave enough to come for one of my nieces or nephews, you better be sure your insurance is paid up

fucking smart…like no joke…smart

a person with an emotional injury that is characterized as PTSD

a lover of books…fiction and non, electronic but mostly real, live, hold-in-your-hand, and smell them books. I like characters in books more than I like some real people I know

a cat, dog, goat, llama, giant bunny, miniature donkey, and…let’s face it…every other super adorable animal loving person! Put a baby goat in pajamas and I’m yours forever. Rub Malcolm’s belly and he’ll try to get in your purse…but I’ll stop him because he’s one of my very best friends. Scare Rose out of a room and you, sir or madam, are now a questionable human being in my view. She is our home’s moral compass and I follow her furry little lead

a good listener…most of the time anyway

a survivor of abuse and dysfunction the likes of which would make some of you feel physically sick and some of you say “I’ve been through/seen worse” but all of which has had an impact on who I am

an ambivert…which is basically a person who displays extroversion and introversion at different times. I score solidly as a Myers Briggs introvert and get my energy from being alone. But I do love people and enjoy my friends tremendously

stubborn…so very stubborn

a really good aunt. Ask around…everyone needs an Aunt Leah. For reals…actual words spoken to me on more than one occasion after my nieces and nephews friends meet me 🙂

cautious about new situations…maybe even fearful…and sometimes I am able to try and sometimes I chicken out

curious…oh so curious

a spirit…one that is aligned with a higher power and universal energy and Christ consciousness and intention and so much more

a tech professional…and by that I mean a seriously kick ass tech professional. I can unpack and digest complex tech problems and then make decisions about what to do next, faster than most and better than many. I am fucking good at my job. Seriously. Not bragging. I’m just really damn good at it

too sensitive to disrespect and rudeness

a leader of people, a mentor of younger women, and a person who draws strangers with open energy

a friend to my friends and I couldn’t love them more

a badass…yup…you heard me…a badass

all these things…and so many more.


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