I’ve got this…

I love January. I love the New Year. I love the fresh start. And heaven help me, I love goals, resolutions, and plans.

What I don’t love is that thing…that thing that sneaks up sometime during week two or three and smirks “You needed all these resolutions because there is so much wrong with you.”

In the past I’ve let her talk. Let her work on me. Let her make me feel like making changes is so hard and that the results are so far off. I’ve let her wicked little voice seep into my brain and make me feel bad about the me who is living today…right now. I let her run her freaking mouth until I am not sure how to move forward with change or be happy in my skin today.

This year…I got one thing to say…

Shut the fuck up!

Listen…I don’t have time for any of it.

Here’s what I know…I’m working on my mental, physical, and spiritual health. I’m making decisions about what is right for my career. I’m deciding what things I want to learn today. Deciding what needs to happen today so I can make the tomorrow I want.

Here’s what else I know…I am LOVELY. I like the Leah I am today. I think she’s doing really well…not in spite of…but because of her past. I feel good about how I look as often as any other woman…hell…maybe more often. I have chosen my friends well. I am beloved. And I am god-damn talented at my job and a plethora of other things.

So bring on 2015 and good changes. And bring on today and the laughter and joy.

My motto for 2015 has never been more true than today: I’ve got this!

And girl…I do…I do indeed!



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