Lent 2014: Mountains and Dark Caves

But sometimes it seems easier to move a mountain, shoveling it with spoons, than to shift the sorrow or sickness from a human heart and life. –NT Wright in Lent from Everyone

I have a house full of boxes that need unpacking…and while it looks overwhelming, I believe it can be done.

I have a job that is increasingly difficult to do because of competing demands including trying to hire and train a team member…and yet I don’t feel anxious on my drive in.

I have a schedule that screams at me to slow down and find time for peace…but I’m able to find moments to slow down and rest my head each night.

I have a book that needs writing…and just that sentence makes me aware of the monumental amount of effort and energy that will be needed.

These are my mountains. And for each of them I have spoons with which to shovel them from one place to another. I’m in the business of moving mountains.

But I can’t lift my own sorrow.

I can only sit with those who are sick and in pain.

I can’t change the past…remove the memories…shift the ache.

Darkness comes and I can light a candle but I can’t make the sun come up.

Mountains I can move…the rest is not up to me.

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