Letting in the Light to Be the Light…




Vulnerability leaves you vulnerable.


In my search for living authentically…for having an open spirit…for being real and really being…I’ve been cracked open time and time again.

I’ve been broken open many times in the past 37 years. Sometime times the wounds have come from others. Sometimes the wounds have come from my own poor choices. And every now and then I make the right choice…to take a risk that might open an old wound…only to find that another person is willing to grab the sea salt and pour it right in the opening and rub it around with the pad of their thumb.

But it is in the hurting places that real friendship and love is forged.

When you are wounded your friends come in with the anointing oil of words and the holy water of acceptance. And they sit with you (even from 1000’s of miles away) while your wounds are stitched. Wounded but on the path to healing. Sometimes a scar is left and sometimes the healing process is slow…but always the Divine Creator of the Universe provides a help in the time of trouble.

The poet Rumi said “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

I know that is truth.

I know because I’ve had the wounds. And I’ve had the Light poured into me from my loved ones…from the stories of others who have survived the wounding of the human experience…and even from Light that I have poured back into myself with self-love and self-compassion.

Wounded…not broken.

Being healed by Light to be the Light of healing on another day.

4 thoughts on “Letting in the Light to Be the Light…

  1. And it takes courage to expose wounds to salt. When I used to live by the sea, I used to hesitate to walk into the waves with sores on my legs… But once the stinging subsided, the sea salt encouraged quicker healing. I know they were only tiny sores, but I remember the joy of the water over the stinging. (I guess I sound sleep deprived…!)

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