Our Family Intentions and Resolutions 2013

photo (8)Below you will find the resolutions and intentions we’ve set for 2013 in our house. Enjoy!


  • I’m going to try to take off a few ounces. Rose says I could lose a couple POUNDS but I think she’s just what the ladies of The View (one of my favorite daytime shows) call a “skinny bitch”.
  • I’m going to cuddle with Mom more. I don’t think 3 or 4 times a day is enough for her. And just in case anyone thinks otherwise, I do it for HER not me.
  • I’m going to try to get more organized. I can’t count how many times I’ve lost my favorite pink mouse this year because I don’t put it back in its place at night. This year I’m going to do better.
  • This year I will volunteer more. I’ll volunteer to finish Rose’s food, to lick her ears, to warm Mom’s lap. Well…I already do those things. But I’ll try to think of more…
  • This year I hope to have less paparazzi. I’m starting to feel like people on Facebook watch my every move. Can I help it if I’m adorable? No! Should I be followed everywhere with a camera? Yes…but I should really give the other kits of America a chance.


  • I’m going to try to use less 4 letter words. I say “HISS” to Mal a lot and my mom says it is a sign of an inability to communicate.
  • I’m going to stop calling Mom “Thumbs” in my head. She can apparently see it in my eyes and it hurts her feelings. Let’s face it…she’s the only one of us with thumbs…but I could try to be more patient.
  • I’m going to let Mom hold me more. I like it but I don’t really want her to know or to start thinking I want to cuddle 3 times a day like Mal.
  • I’m going to do more yoga. I’m also going to ask for my own mat. Mom sometimes doesn’t leave enough room for me and I like to be in the very middle hers when she’s doing yoga.
  • This year I’m going to learn to speak a foreign language. I am fluent in North American kitty and I can understand human English. But I think it would be helpful if I was able to speak. I wonder if there is a Rosetta Stone for that?


  • I will still my mind with the practices of prayer, meditation, and gratitude each day.
  • I will live in peace and freedom in my body. I will take care of it with exercise, yoga, regular massages, and sleep. I will protect the Divine in me by making good choices, getting therapy if needed, and by trying any healthy alternatives to take care of the body I live in.
  • Every month I will go to 2 non-work related events and be open to making friends. I will lead and follow in more balanced measure.
  • Money will be a tool but not in charge of my life. I will be generous and giving to those in need. I will find one new charity a month to give financially to in addition to Bridgetown and World Vision. And I will volunteer at least 6 times next year at various charities.
  • I will have a sabbath from all electronics and social media one day a week to center myself and get calm.
  • I will write.

1 thought on “Our Family Intentions and Resolutions 2013

  1. love it!!! this made me laugh and your goals warm my heart. can’t wait to watch you do it all with pizazz! love you!

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