Liz Gilbert outdid herself this weekend.

She showed up, led us, was raw about her life, and asked us to meet with the parts of ourselves that may be hiding quietly or laying dormant. As she walked us through letters to ourselves from our own fear, enchantment, permission (The Principal), and persistence, she guided us down a path towards our connection to God.

After sharing the following letter from “The Principal” (our highest internal authority) with my partner Susie and Liz, our lovely leader asked me to read it aloud. Here for your pleasure and for it’s unabashed honesty is my letter of Permission:

Dear Leah, 

I am the Principal and here is what I want to say to you…

You no longer need to wait for permission. You are free to do ALL THE THINGS. 

FUCK what your Mother says about what “good girls” do or don’t

FUCK all the sermons you felt your Dad preached AT you and your free spirit

FUCK your siblings when they take joy in watching you be the “bad seed”

FUCK every man who has ever tried to explain things SLOWLY so that your pretty little head would understand

FUCK every women who has competed with you as if there isn’t enough room for everyone to win. 

You are allowed ALL THE FUCKING THINGS!!

Stop waiting for permission.

Stop hoping someone will come along and say that you are okay. 


Go into the world as you where chosen and meant to be. 

With Love, 

The Principal




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