Pride sometimes get a bad rap. Being prideful or too proud is generally frowned on in communication but I am full of pride and maybe a bit too proud for my own good for two reasons today.

The first and biggest reason is that Tourlane raised $20M in Series C extension from our investors today. My pride comes from knowing how hard every team member at Tourlane has worked to make this happen. I’m proud to work for the Co-Founders who managed to navigate this pandemic, leading our company, and being good (and fun) human beings. I’m proud of the engineering, product, and design teams that I have the privilege of leading for their hustle and determination to be a worthy investment during this crisis and who I believe will help us break this industry and rebuild it even better.

You can read more about this news here.

My other pride comes from the successful launch by a team that has proven themselves to be the best of the best at my former company. I’m proud of what they’ve done and how they’ve done it. You can read what they are about to do here.

I do what I do because I love building cool shit with smart people. And these two accomplishments are proof of that. So very proud of both teams.

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